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We are located in Ridge, Maryland in St. Mary's County.

Camp is open year round, but on an appointment only basis.


A Day at the Beach...
"Camp Dunn-Wood" as we lovingly refer to it is, to be completely honest, just our way of getting our "doggie fix".

Beautiful Surroundings...
We are located on 2 acres of property on St. Jerome's Creek in St. Mary's County.

So why us?
We love animals but are a tad too foot loose at the present time to have pets of our own. But we love dogs of all breeds and know from time to time others have to travel too. So we figured we do something that would make everybody happy! "Camping Reservations" are taken on a first come, first served basis. Since when we're not on the road someone is pretty much here all day so the dogs get lots of attention and we get lots of lovin' "doggie style". It's a "win-win" for everybody!

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